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Stall Fabrication

Exhibitions are major events for any company & we fully understand the need for a return on investment. They provide a hands-on experience to the brand or product and are vital for generating enquires and sales leads. With this in mind, every exhibition stall is designed and constructed by our experienced designers, ensuring that you attract the right customers throughout the exhibition. From initial brief, to innovative eye catching Exhibition stalls, we aim to meet and exceed your expectations in the process.

Dazzle Exhibitions and Events is a complete production house having all the experience & capabilities of producing & managing exhibition & events. The in-house staging unit, fabrication & designing workshop, audio visual equipment & basic sound is out biggest asset to provide the state of the art equipments, technical staff and experienced event support around the world.

Event Management

As your corporate event planner, Dazzle Exhibitions and Events offers Project Management, Project Administration, Program development, Speaker management including contracting and fulfillment, Registration management, Event communication, promotion, marketing and branding, Print production, AV coordination, Operations management and logistics management, Hotel/ facility management, Post event support. Dazzle Exhibitions and Events will ensure everything goes absolutely smoothly and exceeds your expectations – right from the proper conception of the idea to perfect execution.

Launching a product or company? Having a company meeting in Delhi/NCR? We are your one stop for event production and design, managing any size event, within any budget in New Delhi and anywhere in the India. We know how to utilize your budget to produce amazing events. Whether you need help with initial concepts, layouts, site plan or just want us to make it happen, we can help you anywhere along the event continuum from creation to design, development and execution.

Excavation, Leveling, Compaction and Transportation

The company serves its customers at every project phase, from strategy formulation through design, project management and implementation right through to support and upgrades. We are committed to best practices and professional integrity to ensure we deliver quality. Customer satisfaction drives every aspect of their commercial contractor business. These time-honored qualities are incorporated into every project build by Dazzle Exhibitions and Events. Our ability to combine the right equipment with our experienced crews and project managers ensures that your site is ready on time- even on an accelerated schedule. Our expertise in Excavation, Compaction, Leveling, Blinding Concrete, Farms work, Steel Reinforcement, Concrete Curing, Concrete and concrete Test, Back-filing and soil test, finishing and Tiles Gypsum.

Paver Blocking

Paver block is one of the most popular flexible surface treatment options for exterior pavement applications. These blocks are aesthetically pleasing, comfortable to walk on, extremely durable and easy to maintain, Paver blocks are very durable and if they are adequately interlocked, the can easily last for about 20 years and can withstand hefty vehicular load as well and are available in different shapes/colors making it versatile. It can be used for residential as well as commercial premises, It’s slip-resistant, skid resistant and can be used in any weather conditions. The most important advantage of paver blocks is that they can be easily replaced with all these advantages paver blocks are the most sort after solutions for exterior pavement and driveways.

Graphics & Signage Services

Dazzle Exhibitions and Events represents considerable authority in signage and show works. With a solid comprehension of showcasing and brand correspondence, joined with our creation capacities we deliver successful, astounding solutions. Working in retail conditions, inside and outside corporate spaces on including direct informing toward live occasions, our group can feature your image and interchanges with compelling and proficient venture execution.

Dazzle Exhibitions and Events has unobtrusively fabricated a strong notoriety by outlining and building social, corporate and marked encounters. Takes into account all your realistic and signage generation prerequisites including computerized Vinyl prints, Backlit Vinyl, Translit, Flex, Sunboard, Mounted Prints, thwart letterings, acrylic mounted prints, 3d letters and so on.

Dazzle Exhibitions and Events is outstanding amongst other Stand Design and Construction Agency in India. A ‘One-Stop Solutions’ in Graphic Design benefits that you require. It incorporates Expo Graphics, Printing Of Poster( Digital, Vinyl, 3d Cut Letter, Led Acrylic Letters, Backlit Poster), In-House Fabrication with Project Managers, Supervisor, Carpenters, Painters, and Electrician. Acrylic prints, data focuses, window designs and divider covers all assistance to breath life into a work space. Upholding brand character, showing motivational statements and statements of purpose can be to a great degree powerful with the right utilization of value items.

Interior Designing

The impression of space depends on body measure. Diverse size spaces suit distinctive size individuals. In vast or long spaces, subdivide diverse movement zones to offer definition to each piece of the room. When arranging adornment and lighting, work with the rule that vertical lines draw our eyes up and even lines attract them crosswise over to amplify or lessen the extents of a room. When outfitting little rooms, obscure the edges of the space to separate the lines amongst floor and dividers; draw furniture a little route far from the dividers; purchase furniture in the extent to the room; pick furniture with legs to give the deception of more space.

Dazzle Exhibitions and Events concentrates on these points to create a unique and new creative design every time for their clients. Their use the model technologies to make their work more fast and effective. They are seen to use different 3d exhibition design software to make 3d designs of their booth layout designs to space designs. The space designers are part of Dazzle interior family who work day and night to ensure quality work for their clients. Moreover, they consider their clients as partners who share equal right to know what is happening inside the work field and their contract project. This creates a bond between the two sides to project a creative and unique design. The company has highly trained space designers along with exhibition stand builders who work together and ensure 3d designs being made and proper planning being worked out. Dazzle Exhibitions and Events being the top class interior designing company knows how important space management is considering the budget.

Civil Engineering & Architecture

We provide a multidisciplinary design solution i.e planning, design, construction inspection, supervision, valuation and management services aimed at raising the quality of the built environment.

Civil and Architectural Engineers share some of the tasks, such as planning, designing and building structures, Test building materials, organize structure specifications, estimation costs, fire protection, plan and plumbing and electrical systems.

German Hangars

German Hanger is the building structure used to build tents for events, exhibitions, product launch, shows, wedding and other outdoor events.

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